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“…research now has proved that thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and attitudes profoundly influence the functions of our cells, organs, and immune system – processes that are vital to our health and overall sense of wellness.” Fraser & Massey, Decoding the Human Body-Field

“Linkages of a nonlocal kind obtain also in the world of consciousness. Regardless of separation in space and time, the consciousness of one person can be subtly linked with the consciousness of another.” Laszlo, Science and the Akashic Field

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The Journey/Regression


A Journey helps you to get to the root of whatever difficulties and issues you are currently experiencing, and it always starts with a chat.

Once I am clear about your issue, I can help you relax deeply, while I guide you through a conversation with either your higher self – the wisest part of you that knows what is happening in your life and the why – or the higher self of others. And it is your higher self that decides what is appropriate to share with you during your Journey. This ensures that nothing is revealed that you are not perfectly ready to handle. And, because every Journey ends with forgiveness, whatever you learn is always healed.

You might need around three sessions to release the frustration, fears or pain around an issue. But for real change, doing a Journey every 3 - 4 weeks for several months gives you the time to make real, lasting changes in the area you are working on: health, work or relationship.

There are Journey processes for all your needs: addictions and phobias; to help you live your life more fully through unveiling the aspects of your personality that are often hidden for safekeeping until you can find a way to express them. There are also Journeys specifically designed to show how to let go of unsupportive ways of looking at yourself and others. Some can even help you understand your current situation much more fully, by taking you to an earlier life.

Brandon Bays’ book, ”The Journey”, gives a thorough description of the process, which you might find helpful if you are new to Journey work. If you are not used to meditating, chi gong or yoga, I recommend that you listen to some relaxation CDs in advance, as this will help you get the most benefit from your Journey work with me.

After a Journey, make sure that you rest, take a relaxing bath and drink lots of water, to help eliminate the old behaviours and beliefs that are ready to be released from your body.

A typical Journey last approximately two and a half hours, but your total Journey experience is much more. It includes a chat before your main session, and one or more some time afterwards.

After a Journey, clients often say they feel changed in some fundamental way, as old resentments are released. Many also report feeling much lighter, while others recover from an illness, or see significant improvements in their self-confidence and relationships.

Science has now demonstrated that our body is part of an energy field, rather like an ocean of energetic charge constantly receiving and transmitting information from our experiences, conscious perceptions, thoughts and feelings, which governs our body and our DNA. The Journey is a very powerful and effective way to reconnect with feelings that may have been repressed for years. Once this happens, our body reconnects with its natural flow so that our cells can return to their blueprint, and illnesses that have been created from energy blocks can be healed (see literature and links).













Journey for children

There are Journeys especially for children. For those who are aged 5 -10 years old the process is like a fairytale in which they participate. Older children benefit greatly from a simple version of the adult Journey.

Children of all ages find it both exciting and funny to take this voyage of discovery into their emotions, because they find it such an easy and effective way to resolve their difficulties. Many experience a significant increase in their ability to accept themselves. And, just as with adults, any illness is either cured or dramatically improved. Where they were restless, they are calmer. Their concentration improves and they are simply happier.

In her book ”The Journey for Kids” Brandon Bays reports that many children with ADD no longer need medication, introverted children socialise with greater ease and many improve their grades. Reconnecting with their repressed memories in this way, empowers them.

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