“Many of our most deeply held beliefs are subconscious and begin when our brain state allows us to absorb the ideas of others before the age of seven... In our greatest challenges of life we often find that our deeply hidden beliefs are exposed and available for healing.” Braden, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

“We need to step back and incorporate the discoveries of quantum physics into biomedicine so that we can create a new, safer system of medicine that is attuned to the laws of nature.” Lipton, The Biology of Belief

Cluster of galaxies
Foto: NASA
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Peony Nebula Star
Foto: NASA
Photo: NASA



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Aurora Borealis
Aboriginal ritual chant

Forever Oneness,

Who sings to us in silence,

Who teaches us through each other,

Guide my steps with strength and wisdom.

May I see the lessons as I walk,

Honour the purpose of all things.

Help me touch with respect,

Always speak from behind my eyes.

Let me observe, not judge.

May I cause no harm, and leave

Music and beauty after my visit.

When I return to Forever,

May the circle be closed and

The spiral be broader.

Marlo Morgan: Message From Forever

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