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Anemone nemorosa
Anemone ranunculoides

”All honest emotions are positive emotions.” Pert, Molecules of Emotion


“I believe that with the right spiritual tools – meditation, understanding, and the daily practice of compassion and proactive responses – we can learn to access different versions of reality as easily as we might enter and leave a movie theatre. And we can choose to enter the movie entitled Perfect Health whenever our bodies require healing.” Kellman, Matrix Healing

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Dear Berit!

It was really amazing! I didn’t expect to come up what came up, I actually didn’t know exactly what would come up but I am sure glad it did. I had been working on all those issues myself, but I realise that my limitations were that I approached it only from my side. It was so healing to have to step inside the other person and feel what really was going on in their minds and hearts. I’ve had this dark heavy feeling in my belly for a long time and couldn’t figure out what it was. I am sure glad I know now! Today I woke up with still a very nice and empty feeling in my belly, the weight has gone. Thank you very much!

Marisa, 43 years – Hong Kong


Dear Berit!

You gently guided me and also very gently hold me in order for me to really face what I’ve been dreading for years and didn’t have the courage to face before I worked with you. Thanks to you the healing process has finally begun and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your help.

Sophie, 37 years - Paris


Before I did The Journey with Berit I was always a little scared about sleeping away from home. This of course became a big problem since I travelled a lot. We agreed upon trying to do a Journey in order to clear out this problem. I haven’t regretted one second. It turned out that I was afraid of sleeping alone because once I got lost on a big boat when I was only five years old. It’s incredible how a small incident like that could mark me for such a long time. After The Journey I haven’t had any problems with leaving or sleeping away from home. I really had a positive surprise with this experience and absolutely recommend it to others.

Vilde, 14 years - Oslo


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